Mars bars and energy drinks

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okay i know this might sound weird but we have this team trainer and she said it was good for us to eat mars bars before a game, but im talking about those tiny ones. she said it will like give you energy but its small enough that it wont make you sick.

and also what about those energy drinks like red bull and that. our trainer said they werent good for you because the caffine will make you shake and twitch during the game. i always drink one before a game and so does most of my team and it does make you twitch out sometimes.

so what do you guys think about these?

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red bull has a TON of sugar. sugar is what's burned by the body before anything else, so if you build up most of your energy supply to contain mostly sugar, you will use it up more quickly, and "crash" sooner than normal. make sense? if you're a striker, where your energy is needed more in quick bursts, rather than over a long period of time, the energy drinks probably do help. eating sugar is the quickest way to get energy, but it also burns the easiest. it's got other pros and cons, but those are the ones that really apply here.

as for the mars bars, i'm not sure, but i think your trainer says to eat them because they'll give you a little energy, but not so much your body relies solely on their sugar. just a theory.

hope this helps.
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Some of the senior player drink redbull before their games and they seem alright....and for the mars bars i guess there alrite but eat it like 20min before the game or traning session..:)

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energy drinks are a bit better then mars bars but try not to get red bull there are other kinds that are sugar free that are better to drink before a game as for mars bars eating a small one before the game would be pretty much useless and eating a big one will just give you maybe a quick 5 minute energy burst at the begging of the game but after that you will regret eating it. I say the safest way is to just leave all of that stuff alone and go out and play if you have good fitness you will not need to worry about it.

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upandcoming wrote: I say the safest way is to just leave all of that stuff alone and go out and play if you have good fitness you will not need to worry about it.
Great advice. If you feel you need a mars bar or energy drink, then you need to just work on you're fitness a bit more.

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