Asian Diet?

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Asian Diet?

Post by Cristiano_Ronaldo » 21 Dec 2005, 02:03

Hi Guys I've seen a lot of article about what should you eat ... which helped me a lot but right now I got a problem ... I'M ASIAN ... My mom has no ide how to make things like lagsana ... italian noodle ... etc .. so if anyone can tell me what should I eat would be great .. like beef .. eggs ... carrots .. blah blah .

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Post by J » 24 Dec 2005, 05:28

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!! And get as much protein as you can, from any type of diet.

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Post by B Heck » 27 Dec 2005, 18:17

Maggie Wang has lots of great food ideas here:

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Post by zizou10-5 » 04 Jan 2006, 08:47

well eat alot of noodles n rice, since tehy have carbos, N for protein since asian, i'm asian as well haha cook a lot of fried stuff try to eat more steamed or bakesd stuff, Like in soup, i jsut eat the chicken cos its not fried n also the noodles. Eat fruit as well.

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