Importance of abs

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Post by J » 28 Apr 2005, 05:05

strong abs and a strong back are probably the most important things you should have because this is where most of the power in your kicks comes from and it definetley does help with balance and quick sprints and movements

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Post by B Heck » 28 Apr 2005, 17:37

Abs and other mid-torso muscles are extremely important because they are between your upper and lower body. Any force or movement has to be transferred through your core, your midsection, to be effective. Core strength means midsection strength. A weak core becomes a weak link in the chain. Analyze how the force in a kick is developed and you will see that the upper body is used as a counterbalance to whip the leg forward. A weak core will limit this. Stopping, turning, accelerating, moving sideways, heading, kicking, all require strong abs, obliques, erectors, etc. Probably the number one strengthening exercise you should do is abs. They are so important that you have to do them last, after squats, cleans, etc., because if they are fatigued and weak, you can't do the other lifts very well. Can't practice much with weak abs either.

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Post by jcdenton » 29 Apr 2005, 18:19

you don't need to go to fitness centre to have strong abs!!!
i know that well cause i have never been to one! well, i went once to find my friends, and they stopped me to try how much i can do! believe it or not i could do more than they, but i just practice push ups and sit ups! abs are important to play the game: to run, jump, sprint, shoot....

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Post by Dakota08 » 20 Mar 2007, 23:40

well you dont wanna run around with a belly flapping do ya?

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Uh... the ladies like it. :lol: