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i just have begun extend my usual fitness/strength workout to strengthening my calves.

I often had trouble with my ligaments in the right feet ankle and i hope this improves stability there.

Another problem i want to solve with this is my lost quickness.

perhaps 4 years ago i was as fast as a teammate i used to play with.
ok, he was a bit better in the acceleration, but in the topspeed we were the same.
Now, after doin a bit of fitness/body-building for a few years i gained weight (9 KG/18 pounds) and am noticable slower.
I do this work out 2 days in a week and really push much weight when doing the workout with the machines in the gym.
in the next pre-season training i guess or at least hope i will see the difference in sprinting.

losing weight is no option for me, because i like playing and using my body strengh in 1on1s.

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Sorry but when are you supposed to be on your toes? Is it only when u're running towards the net and taking on a player because I find that when for example you're receiving the ball and you're on your toes you lose a lot in balance and can be easily dispossesed. Thanks

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