Hip flexor pain

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Hip flexor pain

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Hello injury my old friend.

I had a fitness session with my team last night. It was very hard on the legs, with lots of sprinting, jumping, squats, lunges etc.
At one point we were doing relay races, where you'd sprint to a cone, do 5 sit ups, back pedal to another cone, then sprint back. Since it was a race, no one was really doing proper technique on the sit ups, instead just trying to do them as fast as possible. (since the losing team had a punishment)

Well, as I was doing the 5 situps, I felt an uncomfortable sensation in my left hip flexor. Almost like when you get a cramp, except it didn't last for 10+ seconds. I got through the rest of the session without discomfort, but after the session was over, I felt pain sporadically throughout the night. I'd compare the pain to the feeling you get right before you crack your knuckles. I went home and iced it.

This morning it hasn't really felt much better, so I'd make a thread to see if any of you have heard of pulling a hip flexor by doing situps with poor form. Although I've had minor hip flexor pulls before, and this felt different.
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