Plyometrics everyday?

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Plyometrics everyday?

Post by eddy192837 » 18 Aug 2011, 04:29

Can you do plyometrics everyday? I doubt it puts too much stress on your body.

And the routine would be this.. 3 sets of 10 reps each

Foot fire drill
Knee tuck
Aerial butt kicks
Single leg tucks
Side hop
Front hop

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Post by desire10 » 18 Aug 2011, 06:25

What is your goal here? Are these plyo's for quick feet or explosive strength? If the latter then no, not every day, a max of twice a week I'd say. It's very demanding on your muscles, even more so on your poor joints. If it's just foot speed type stuff then every day is fine.
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Post by eddy192837 » 18 Aug 2011, 16:43

To increase foot speed.. What exercises do you recommend so I can do everyday?

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Post by Met » 18 Aug 2011, 17:01

This is a big no no. IF you want fast feet why not just spend time with the ball? If you want to run quicker why not strengthen or sometimes loosen up your running muscles?

Plyometrics are at maximum a 3 day a week activity. You should have some strength conditioning don already and plyometrics is trying to help the muscles be more able to put that power into motion alot faster, thereby gaining explosive power. I don't see where fast feet are developed by plyometrics.

And also you're comment about it not being too much stress on your body. You are putting more than your bodyweight and expecting your muscles to be able to contract after such a load? It drastically weakens your muscles. It is recommended you do this when you are fresh, ahead of anything else. Nothing demands more quality of movement. It's recommended you do a maximum or 180 touches of ground per session. You can do more if you a professional and have a physiotherapist not far from you of course, but you can do a lot more far less stressful things. Your little off hand comment will cost you maybe up to 4 weeks waiting for a hamstring tear to heal.

Fast feet to me, is all about co ordination and balance, and a bit of anticipation.

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Post by nick117 » 19 Aug 2011, 03:06

"Fast feet to me, is all about co ordination and balance, and a bit of anticipation." this is wrong.

fast feet are definitely developed very little of it is from ball work. you can become more effective with your movements by being on the ball but you won't be faster it's just the illusion of having quicker feet. the part about a maximum of 3 days a week is correct though. plyo's should be hard and fast so you will want to rest.

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