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Hey all

I'm just curious as to what you think is a good distance to run regularly to build up some decent aerobic fitness?

Also do you believe long runs that build up aerobic fitness are necessary for a footballer? Or should it be more game specific stop-start drills. Because I for one find long continuous runs very monotonous and dull.

Thanks for any help :D

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3 miles is ok.

What you do is, Early Preseason, ease yourself back, 3 miles 3 times a week for 4-6 weeks. You probably won't be able to do that straight away but build up to it. Anymore is a waste of time. Then Late preason you want to cut that down to once a week, instead focus more on interval which is more intense but you cover more distance. Then In season, you use the 3 miler as a recovery run to flush out the aches and pain after a big match.

Everything has its place. Once you are a certain fitness level, long continuous runs become less useful as a footballer and you want to start using 'stop-start- drills. Those are intense so you want the body to get used to exercising and increasing intensity.

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