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no one else knows? even utd's training coach says to use protein. hell if 1 club says no but 39 say yes who's right? think about it. the body has a window of about 1 hour where all protein intakes will quickly absorb into your muscles because after workouts your body is "staving" so to speak and is searching for nutrients.

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The whole thing about eating protein within an hour after finishing training/working out is not proven by any stretch of the information. If I am totally honest, it sounds more like Bro-Science than anything else. There shouldn't be a physiological factor that allows your body to adsorb protein faster after exercise.

However, there is also no proof to say that is it not true, and eating within an hour after workout is certainly not going to do you any harm, you need to be getting protein in and as far as I am concerned straight after is as good as any other time.

Protein shakes should always be used as a supplement. Nothing else. Not a meal replacement. My friend used to have them for lunch, he ended up getting the worst shits you can imagine. I personally eat large amounts of meat, eggs and dairy products to get as much fat and protein as possible, the mass formulae I have afterwards is just to enhance what I already have in me.

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