Carbs Before Bed

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Some sites say that you shouldn't eat within 2 hours before bed, and some say 3 hours (carb rich meal). Does anyone actually have any experience/advice for this?

Eating too close to bed results in the excess sugars/carbs to be stored as body fat (protein/fat consumption is the same during sleep).
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i would give it at least 3 hours and make it a light snack too. Theres a lot more problems with eating late than just adding fat to the body

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Pfft, depends. A lot of people can take advantage of the fact that eating before bed ensures more of the energy is stored.

I personally have a pig out session before bed and calorie cram as many carbs protein and fat as I possibly can. This ensures you have good Glycogen stores in your liver and muscles, good fat reserves and enough protein for muscle hypertrophy during sleep.

I think you only have to worry about it if you get indigestion or are overweight.

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