how many miles should you run at age 14

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Your professor is wrong. Yes, that was what we believed lactic acid did, and what not but do the research man. Perhaps he simply hasn't seen the fairly recent (4ish years) research. Yes, NYTimes isn't "credible" in the sense of a paper done on it, but I don't know the first step on searching for one or finding the one I read. Look it up, and you'll find the same info in things more recently written.

Edit: Someone helped me in finding a source: Many thanks to them! ... ctate.html - A university credible enough Klc?
Also, I never once said that your body doesn't benefit from aerobic capability in sprinting, I merely said that sprinting is not the best way to improve it.
Sure, but you implied it with the whole (paraphrasing) "your body flips at 80%".
No, I do mean anaerobic strength, your anaerobic strength is a measure of how strong you are when performing anaerobic exercises, like lifting a weight or sprinting...
just a different term that I've never seen used I guess
And your personal experience is not evidence that burst training is better than prolonged aerobic training.
That was a typo. I meant that there was a much greater increase in performance in BOTH when doing more anaerobic than aerobic.

Also if you're going to reply please don't do the whole "my professor is blah blah blah" crap. Do some research and find out yourself. Honestly, I gaurantee your professor knows more then me in this domain, but you know what? Information changes over time, and I happened to read about this change in thought. What your teacher was taught, and what is now thought is different.
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Yall both have good points, but your debate also shows why footballers are some of greatest athletes in the world. endurance, speed, strength, quickness, etc. So obviously, they're both important but in personal experience, anaerobic helped my aerobic loads because of the high intensityness lol.

although im not the one to talk, im just tryin to participate in the forum more

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thank you everybdoy for the advice

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so speed training/intervals benefits more than long distance... how beneficial is running 2/2.5 miles at a fast jog/run?

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