Foot pain when kicking ball

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My foot has been very sensitive when I've been taking kicks lately. Whenever I take an especially powerful kick I get a pain that seems to shoot all around my foot. This pain seems to stem from a point along the side of my foot. It's the side by my big toe and it's a little bit in front of the ankle. This is the area I've noticed pain in when I've tried to kick with more spin, rather than power. Has anyone had anything like this before? I've gotten an x-ray, but nothing shows up on it and my doctor has been absolutely no help. Thanks in advance.

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That's werid because I am dealing with the exact same situation lately here. Have you sprained or twisted your ankle recently or within the past 6-10 months?
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i have also been experiencing something like this. it hurts at the top of my foot right where the foot meets the leg or the front of the ankle. from what i've found it could be something called footballers ankle which is common in (obviously) footballers but im not exactly sure if this is the right thing according to my symptoms or yours so im reluctant to follow their advice on how to take care if it, but hopefully it helps you in your search :D

Footballers Ankle / Anterior Ankle Impingement: ... sankle.htm

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