How fast should a footballer run a mile?

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Nat_H wrote:
BayernFan wrote:
Nat_H wrote: Hmmm yes, it is lower than I had thought it was...
haha yeah the national hs record is 3:53..
I know lol. Remember though, we are talking about soccer players, not track stars. You could not be able to run the mile in twice that time, and still have a spot on some HS soccer teams.
haha i know man.. of course were not expected to go out and run an amazingly fast time. and yeah i agree with what you said some players may not be able to run a fast mile but are still great players. its just that as an athlete i think you should be under 6 minutes easily.

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no your all wrong a football player should be able to run his mile under 7 minutes

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Also, while playing soccer, you will not be trying to run a consistent speed for 6-7 minutes. You will mostly be doing a mix of sprints/jogs/walks, on and off for extended period of time. It is important to do long jogs/runs to keep you cardio up, so that you last the whole game. But more important I think is your bodies recovery ability, because you do have chances to walk/rest, but you need to be efficient so that you can then go full speed when you need to, and arn't caught off guard catching ur breath from the last play.
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ITALY21 wrote:no your all wrong a football player should be able to run his mile under 7 minutes
God has spoken! :wink:
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ITALY21 wrote:what
If you truely are a serious person, not a kid or anyone else playing games with an account then here is your answer..

He said, "God has spoken", in a sarcastical tone.


Cause you said all the previous answers before you, where wrong, which is a pretty bold move.. And then, you said an answer which was the furthest from wrong.. Thats why you got a sarcastic response.

A professional football player should run a mile at around 4-5 ,.. I know this for sure cause I ran a 4.50, after training for a full season. Professiional footballers play at a faster pace and higher level than me, if I ran 4.50, that means that the slowest fattest most out of shape footballer, which is at a much higher level than me should be able to run faster than me... Therefore between a 4.00 and 5-00
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i was a fairly decent runner in my day (4:06.8 in the mile etc etc) and i know u have to do some really specialized training to run near four minutes in the mile. while they are world class athletes i doubt any of them can do that. i would say anywhere between 5 and 4:20ish for the top players. u are looking at raw speed and recovery when u are talking about the world class footballers of today. they arent worried about there mile times although im sure some are quite speedy in the mile.

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Cheem is 100% correct. Getting down to a 5 minute mile for anyone playing at the highest level is very much a guarantee. Shaving that next minute off down to a 4 minute mile is completely different though. Cutting it down 5 minutes from a 10 minute mile (for an absolute beginner) to a 5 minute mile is a walk in the park compared to the next 1 minute down to a 4.

The lower you get in time the more dedicate you have to be to even take off a few seconds let alone an entire minute. That being said I pretty much agree with Cheems range of 4:20ish to 5 for the top players
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