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Post by Soccer4Life » 29 Dec 2009, 20:02

Guys! I never said that weightlifting was the only important thing. Nutrition is really number one, no question in my mind and I think both conditioning and strength are pretty close (at least in the mens game, I could easily get by without much strength training).

Icy, I researched for a little on what you said about a pound of muscle only burning 5-10 calories per day and I found a lot of conflicting answers, however multiple credible sources seemed to back this up, so I was obviously mistaken. However, to me this still doesn't negate the importance of weight training or some type of strength training (I'm sure you would agree). It merely states that it may not be as effective for fat loss as previously thought, but there are other obvious benefits. So, I admit that my post was a little off, but I was under the impression an extra pound of muscle burned about 30 calories per day. I'd love to see a study done on something like this, because it would be nice to know the right numbers.

klc, as I said before, I agree that nutrition is extremely important. However, I don't think that long duration exercise is necessarily the best way to 'rev up' your metabolism. I think the most assured way to do this is a high intensity. For most people, this means shorter workouts, intervals, and some rest periods because the intensity is so high that your body cannot continue without a break. However, what I'd also like to mention is that I read before that you completed a 6 mile run in 30-35 minutes. So a long duration run for you would be at my interpretation of a 'high intensity' because you are a very well conditioned athlete, however I doubt many people on this forum could keep up such a high pace for such a distance, thus intervals would be much better for them. And, I'm sure that you do some method of interval, fartlek, or circuit training as well.

Here's an article on oxygen debt that I think would be a good read, I just briefly skimmed it though

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Post by klc123 » 29 Dec 2009, 20:08

Meh, when im doing fitness training i do rocky training because i love rocky to be honest lol. I have loads of music, including the rocky theme tune and eye of the tiger so i get proper into it lol.

I do skipping on the spot with a rope, i do that for as long as i can. Thats probably high intensity right? because i do them quite quickly. But sometimes i do them slower for a much longer duration, its debatable which one actually makes you lose weight quicker, although this booklet i just read says running does make you lose weight more than any other sport besides cross country skiing.

But it also says that you can mix up your training by doing a quicker paced 2 minute run and then slower 8 minute jog and repeat that as many times as you like, recommending 6 repeats.

I think we have an agreement that the best method of weight loss is to do aerobic exercise, it just depends on which intensities of aerobic exercise you wish to do, i haven't go evidence but i think your probably right because mixing your intensities seems to make more sense.

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Post by Icy » 29 Dec 2009, 20:17

Klc long distance running is definitely better to burn calories during exercise. HIT training though burns more in the after effects than a long distance run would after.

Really, what it all comes down to (when focusing on weight loss) what is more enjoyable to you. If you enjoy one or the other more, do that. You need to enjoy it (while still challenging yourself more than anything!

Also, yes, S4L nutrition is really the most important thing. You could lose a good amount of weight by simply changing what you eat and not really doing anything more.

Last, S4L the amount of calories a lb of muscle burns a day was more of an fyi. I know that you actually find fitness\health things interesting and thought I'd bring that fact up so you could look into it. I tend to play devils advocate so I think how I said it came more off as an "attack" though.[/i]
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Post by klc123 » 29 Dec 2009, 20:32

So i think we have an agreement, any type of exercise that you enjoy and can do every day, or regularly depending on intesity allong with good nuitrition will result in weight loss and better fitness :P

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