Is it a hip flexor injury ?

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It doesn't hurt when im not doing high knees , if i do high knees slowly it hurt in the hip flexor area would could it be and how long to rest ?

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Where does it hurt? Because I think I have the same injury and have no clue what muscle it is.

Does it hurt like where your thigh meets your hip?

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I think I have the same thing as well. I've been looking at all types of sites to try to figure out what it could be. I usually use this place, . I don't want it to be a sports hernia, so I really hope its more of a hip/thigh connector issue.

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Tommy Gun, what ended up happening in your case? I picked up similar injury in a game two weeks ago, I was tripped and tried to keep my self up and I put all my weight onto my standing leg in an awkward fashion.

That day it hurt all in my knee, thigh, hip, and the area between my upper thigh, and groin. I had a tournament that weekend and it only bothered me when taking shots or corners (it was on my support leg).

This last week I started shooting practice and it came back up (on my support leg). Its not a sharp pain, its more of a throbbing ache (between the groin and upper thigh, and the hip) that gets worse the longer you play. I avoided shooting for a few days but now it even hurts when doing light activities such as passing or juggling and control...

Any idea what it was in your case?

I've been stretching multiple times everyday and icing, I also went to the gym yesterday to do some light weights.. hopefully it will help.

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