Knee Popping Issues.

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I've always had bad knees it seems, in some form or another. This time, I have a problem I'm reluctant to go to the hospital with right away, but I'd like to see if anyone else has experienced a similar problem.

For some reason, when running (and especially when climbing or descending stairs), my knee 'pops'. It's more of a jolt than a genuine pain, but it is uncomfortable and disconcerting. Could it be something to do with the meniscus, and is it not major?

Like I said, I'm able to walk and stuff, and even when it happens, it doesn't pain me too much. But is this a bonafide problem? Thanks for your input.

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same thing happens to me i think
like ill be walking. or sitting around and my knee locks up i just shake my leg and it makes a pretty lout POP. same goes for my hip...

i think they are just over used or something...

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Knee/Hip popping is most commonly associated with tendons clicked over the meniscus/joint socket and letting out a jolt or 'pop' as you move. It happens to me all the time courtesy of scar-tissue build up from surgery, it happened before my knee operations as well as my tendons and ligaments were quite tightly strung due to stress from overuse and lack of muscular support from my VMO (inside thigh just above knee). The added movement from a lack of muscle-content led to the kneecap moving around a bit more causing further inflammation of the joints surrounding it.





I'd recommend seeing a physio/doctor for an analysis as soon as possible in regards to putting your mind at ease - the only long-term negative from the popping/clicking is 'bursitis' which is inflammation of the tendons/joints from rubbing up against each other so frequently.

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