Drinking tea at half time

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heres a tip. drinking warm tea at halftime in games does amazing things
idk why. idk how. but it works. drink water while on the pitch but at half time drink tea. just dont burn urself!!
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I dont like tea

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and where is the proof of this?
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haha yeah I remember I posted something about chinese herbs. there are some chinese physiotherapists that claim that drinking herbal tea at half time or a break for any physical sport is good for the body, especially if carrying bruises because it regulates the blood flow more instead of clotting it.

Also, the herbal tea revitalizes the body and they claim players would feel fresh 5 mins after drinking the tea.

Well I don't know: Europeans don't really test this out since it's so "oriental" and completely alien to them as Europeans just believe in energy drinks etc..

I heard chinese football teams do this at half time and they do play better in beginning of second half compared to the ending 15 mins of the first half. But then, why is the Chinese league so crap?! Sigh it's corrupted.

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I have also heard its good to eat chinese chivas with a food containing vitamin B2 (Carrots, Chicken Liver ... lot of them out there but I don't really renember them) about an hour or so before you play. It warms your body up and gives you a substancial amount of extra energy during the game.

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My former friend used to drink tea at halftime, and i guess it does help. when we were friends he used to share wtih me as well. it does feel great it feels like u clean out ur system. its not oriental i knwo many caucasion,african-american, and east-indian people who love tea

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I heard somewhere that if you replace coffee instead of green tea you can lose 10 pounds in a matter of 6 weeks. Only by drinking green tea excluding a healthy diet.
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does cold tea help?
i mean like bubble tea and something like that

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yes guys teas is very helpful: Up to 30 minutes before kickoff, it is recommended to drink tea (preferably with a lemon and sweetened by honey rather than sugar.) The tea contains caffeine, which will increase a player's heart rate. Tea is rich in Sodium, a mineral that regulates and balances the amount of fluids outside the cells in the body, aiding in muscle contraction and nerve function. Sodium is usually lost during endurance events like soccer in the means of sweat.

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what kind of tea? like would black tea be better than green tea?
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Thats kind of weird just pulling out a pot of tea during halftime of a game
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Why can't you just drink water and eat oranges?

Your looking for something that is gonna give you an edge, and ur not gonna find it. You'll probaly wind up hurting urself in the process.

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Christopher wrote:Why can't you just drink water and eat oranges?

Your looking for something that is gonna give you an edge, and ur not gonna find it. You'll probaly wind up hurting urself in the process.
no one said you have to drink tea, i personally took it as just a suggestion. anyway, i did hear this works. i forget where, but i read something about tea and how it can help you in sports.
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hey, finally! Other people that drink green tea for their games. i LOVE green tea during and off the field. I read that it helps burn calories too, so you can get the most potential out of yourself during games. Theres nothing bad about green tea. I drink a lil bit before my game, put it in a water bottle and drink it during the game along with my gatorade or whatever else i have. But i dont drink it from the kettle. I usually buy it in a can.

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michael wrote:I dont like tea
wow thats a great post :? ....

anyways i drank tea at half too and it accually helps. i dont do it often since i like to take my time when i drink it and our half break isnt so long. and i find nothing wrong with it..
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