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I've resumed full training, played 30-40 minutes of my match on the weekend, felt great to get out on the field but I've got the issue of my right knee buckling consistently when I begin to sprint. It gets sore and buckles consistently and I just can't physically sprint on it's really frustrating!!

Is this a muscle concern? I'm seeing my physio next Wednesday about it, anyway we lost 2-0 and we're stuck in 5/6th place pretty much with 4 rounds remaining. I can't perform full exercises at physio because there's this major pinch followed by my knee buckling when I go down for a squat. It's a major concern considering I've had surgery on it already. :P

I played wing and defense on the weekend, really loved playing back (we were playing 5-4-1), and we didn't concede while I was on the pitch. Anyway keeper got chipped blah..

I've got a question about my positioning as well, I played wing and simply couldn't make breaks down the wing as my knee consistently buckled and pinched (behind the kneecap, fatty tissue pinching). Should I reconsider my position on the field? Perhaps a defensive mid?

I've been working on my endurance and was jogging across the field the entire match (the 40 mins of it, 20 mins each half), I loved roaming across the field as defensive mid during our practice matches (during training) and as a back I loved pushing up during offensive plays..I just can't sprint anymore!! I'm screwed if I have to play on the wing and I have to make a break!! What do I do?! Where should I play?!

P.S. Great to see you all again, I've been on and (mostly) off the forums for quite a while.. :)

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sorry alexico, i can't help you with your knee problem!

i guess it could be that your leg is a bit 'weak' from being out of action or something (thats just a guess)

but the physio should sort it out!

i'd say yeah moving to DM and acting as a playmaker, so you wait behind the ball on attack (so you have a wide view of the pitch) the recive and distribute passes, mabye have a few cracks at goal from long range...

least until your knee gets better then you could return as a winger...

but that problem might hider you all postions :(

good luck with your injury anyway!

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I'm not really sure how to help with the knee problems but thats what your physio is for lol.

I knew a girl who played soccer and softball. She tore her acl 3 times (yes 3) mostly from soccer. She would rehab intensily and come back and play all those sports when she was healthy. She never gave up even when a lot of people (including me) were wondering if it was the right move. She is now playing softball in college and her knee is fine from what i've heard lol.

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