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Should you run on a completely empty stomach or eat something light to give you more energy?

Empty stomach = no cramps!
Eat a little for energy
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I usually go out for a run every morning. I prefer to go before I eat so that I don't get cramps. My question is: is it better to run before or after you eat in the morning? Or is it total preference? I obviously don't mean right after you eat a big breakfast, but I was thinking maybe it would give me more energy if I ate a little something before running.

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I think we should eat a little breakfast before going out for a jog, because you have to start the combustion. Or like when you body starts to burn calories. If you don't eat, then the body stop working 100%. So my advice is: Eat a little before jog, and eat the rest of the breakfast after the jog.

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depends on what ure goal is from jogging.
if u want stamina than ya u can eat a bit i recommend fruits particularly bananas since they help stop cramps.
if u want to lose weight then u shudnt eat since ure body will burn off the food for energy rather then the fat.

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before i do any kind of training i alway make sure i have something to eat beforehand then you have got more energy 8)

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Like unknown said, it depends on your goal. If stamina is your goal, you need to get 100% out of yourself, and that requires an efficient energy source that would need to come from food eaten recently (aka breakfast). If you are try to shed a couple pounds, then you may want to run before eating. This will allow you to utilize fat storages for energy more efficiently. So you burn a higher percentage of fat calories.

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I think it's good to eat a little something before you go out for a jog. If you have time to eat 2 or 3 hours before a run, then a decent size meal won't be a big problem. But if you only have only a little time before the jog in the morning, I have found fruit to be a very good way to give your body some quick fuel without cramping up during the run.

I usually eat blueberries as a quick snack a half hour before workouts. It has always worked well for me. I'd also recommend drinking some water as well, it helps just as much as any food would. :)

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If your trying to avoid cramps AND eat something light before a run try eating a bannana or another food with sources of potassium eg avocado,kiwifruit.

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I think you should always eat a little, just to be on the safe side. Even if it's only like a snack (Should be healthy, though.). You won't get cramps and it is truly one of the worst feelings to be hungry on the pitch, and it will definitely hamper your game as well as distract you.

For me, my metabolism is always on high, so I eat even more then a little.

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