Sprained toe? or torn toe ligament?

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i injured my toe from b ball at school and it hurts like hell right above the toe.
like where ur toe starts off and its really swolen and i cant bend it.
its been like this for a couple weeks.

has anybody had this problem?

will icing or elevating it help it heal quicker?

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i would go to the doctor if its been like that for a couple of weeks

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Are you sure you didnt do this while you were skating? :wink:

You must get injured alot, I think its getting to your head, dont assume the worst, its probably a bad bruise. I recommend you ice it, and keep it elevated, dont do anything too rigorous and hurt it again, if it doesnt seem to be going away after a while, then I suggest you see a doctor.

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toe point towards other toes over lapping kinda toe bunion maybe?

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it could be broken so be careful and go to doctors or hospital for xray :P
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