toneing up?

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Any tip on toning up for the beach? lol

Like how many reps in weights? what excercises for toned abs? any advice on nutrition?
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There's no real way to "tone" abs. All ab exercises are meant to make your abs more prominent so just keep on doing those crunches.

Weights, generally should be done until you can't lift the weight. Focus on slightly lighter weight and just keep doing reps until you pretty much can't feel your arm and can't lift the weight. If you want to keep pushing it, once you can't lift the weight, decrease the weight slightly and keep going until you can't do the lowered weight, and rinse and repeat.

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Toning is about losing the fat around the muscles you build. You can lift weights till you are blue in the face but if you still have fat around them you won't be toned. This means you need to eat right, exercise and lift weights. In other words you need to do multiple things to lose that extra fat.


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