Another Quick Question

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Another Quick Question

Post by Konqwest » 09 Feb 2008, 18:19

What muscle groups are best to work out at the same time? Like say back and chest etc?

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Post by rzadzinski » 09 Feb 2008, 18:21

I'd say if you're working out the consensus is that you do upper body one day, and lower the other day.
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Post by Icy » 09 Feb 2008, 19:09

Personally I do 2 full body absolute\explosive days a week and my 4 conditioning days I still incorporate full body (most of the time) workouts. Honestly you'll probably get more "do arms one days, legs another, etc" opinions but it's worked well for me and it seems like you are just asking for what most people do.
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Post by jcdenton » 09 Feb 2008, 21:16

you should mix upper muscles like this:
1) chest and biceps
2) back and triceps
because of their roles, it isn't best to mix biceps and triceps workout...
you can add push-ups and sit-ups to any of these exercise groups...

that way you can rapidly improve your upper body!

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Post by karlofootball10 » 09 Feb 2008, 21:59

i usually do chest and triceps, then back and biceps.

the reason for this is for example, when you are benching, you are using your chest muscles mostly, but you also use your triceps. when you are doing tricep workouts that arent completely isolated to triceps only, you use your chest. so i put those two together.
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