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Quick Questions

Post by Konqwest » 08 Feb 2008, 23:27

What are the best excercise to strenghtin the core? Back? and Chest?

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Post by 2brown347 » 08 Feb 2008, 23:32

This should help, with the core, remember to search. viewtopic.php?t=9546

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Re: Quick Questions

Post by redrover365 » 12 Feb 2008, 23:35

Konqwest wrote:What are the best excercise to strenghtin the core? Back? and Chest?
Well there are many ways to strengthen these parts of the body. For the core, you could go with the static hold (get in a pushup position and hold yourself up by making a V on the ground with your arms). This is hard to explain, but google it to learn more.

By the chest im assuming you mean pectorials? For these, pushups will do.

For the back i would do a seated row, again, this is hard to explain

You can find many exercises for the muscles you were talking about in the link below, i hope this helps:


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