One of the most difficult things I've had to go through

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Post by ballackfan » 15 Sep 2007, 15:18

You're not alone ajc, I have been through as well with injuries with broken bone and all types of injuries. I wasn't walking for couple months, when I was good enough to walk I couldn't play. Just enjoy life besides football, basically just go out and have fun or whatever you do. Believe me, it won't be long, time does fly.

One thing I suggest though it's not required for you to do. They say weight training released growth hormones, so you would actually recover faster. And it really is true for me, because you will notice you that you're still feel physically fit even though you're injured, you gained muscle along with strenght, you grow nails and hair faster than usual(because growth hormones), you might grew a bit taller, you're bones, ligaments, muscle will be stronger(reduced future injuries), and when you're recovered it's much easier to get fit because you're working-out.

Since you're can't move your knees, you probably have to do upperbody program, then when you're recovered you should work on lowerbody to strenghten them for reducing future injuries. Trust me, it's not much to do, 45-60 minutes a day, 2 days a week. :lol: And you'll playing sooner than you expected.

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Post by ajc » 15 Sep 2007, 18:37

Yeah, I'm definately going to be working on my upper body a lot during my recovery.

And truesocceroo I turned 18 a week ago.
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Post by steve-0 » 16 Sep 2007, 01:09

i feel 4 u too. i broke my leg last year round this time, i was out for 6 months. im jus thankful to God that i didn't damage any ligaments cuz then it coulda easily been even longer.

also try not to rush things. do as much as u can w/out doin too much. you dont wanna make matters worst by pushing urself too much. i wish u teh best of luck

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Post by J » 16 Sep 2007, 08:02

That sucks man, I know how frustrating it can be to not be able to play. It's just one of those things that you have to keep a positive attitude about though, even though it may seem difficult to do right now. But you do seem to have a good view on things.
You are definitely still young though. You have plenty of time to accomplish what you want with your soccer career still.

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Post by WeGoCat10 » 16 Sep 2007, 22:20

i did that exact same thing, at the time when i was playing he best i had ever played then i was out for eleven straights months......really felt good playing again

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Post by Wanderer » 17 Sep 2007, 12:33

There's always obstacles in every path, depends on your mentality to go tru it...

I rmb reading one time bout Kaka injuring his spine when he was in his teens and was out and almost paralysed, yet he came back and worked his way to the top...If he can do it, you can too..

It's prob frustrating to not be able to go out and train...but use it as a motivation to work harder so that you will come back stronger...time flies...

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Post by ajc » 26 Sep 2007, 18:30

Hey everybody, just a little update on what's going on.
ajc wrote: I was in the process of trying out for a club which is ranked third nationally and funded/supported by the USMNT, and would have certainly made it if I had one more good day of tryouts this sunday.
The name of that club is FC Delco, who's U18 team is ranked third in the nation. I thought I wasn't going to get on since I was only able to attend one of the three tryouts, and also because I thought they wouldn't hold a roster spot for me since I'm out of playing until the spring with a torn ACL. But I checked the website today and I'm on the roster, and the coach let me know I can join the team as soon as I'm fit. It's the first piece of good news I've gotten since I was injured and it feels great to know that I'll be returning from my injury to a team fighting for a national championship. This just provided all the motivation I could possibly need to work my ass off during my recovery. I'm fu**ing thrilled to be selected to this team!
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Post by Icy » 26 Sep 2007, 22:12

Nice job Adam you must have made quite the impact if you went to only one tryout and they are willing to wait monthes for you. Kind of disappointing I didn't get to play against you over the summer though because from the sounds of it you can make it as far as you want and it would have shown me how far I have to go.

Hope you recover fast!

P.S. I'd still like to play against you some time though so if you still want to you be prepared. :wink:
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Post by rzadzinski » 27 Sep 2007, 00:34

I'm talking to you now, but again. This is frikken sweet and by the sounds of it, you are going places. :wink:
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Post by nicolausoccer123 » 27 Sep 2007, 02:35

hey im really sorry about your injury it really made me wake up when i read your thing, i realized not to think to far ahead and enjoy soccer when im able to play. ive had a knee injury for almost a year now actually on both knees, just below the knee cap and its been bothering me forever. but it wont stop me from playing, theres pain but i just tape it.

well i hope you get better and heal faster, and hopefully you can become stronger from this and go to a good team =)

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Post by soccer11 » 27 Sep 2007, 21:18

nicely done AJC. i went on the website and there you are. first one on the list. hope you come back soon

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Post by keller8 » 27 Sep 2007, 22:29

YES! go ajc! Well Done ! If It was possible to applaud you over the internet i would. I really do hope you recover quickly so you can get out their and play!
Once again GO AJC!!
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Post by barcahooligan » 27 Sep 2007, 22:33

yes, well done ajc. I hope your addition to this club gives you a new hope to overcome your injury and play once again.
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Post by ajc » 27 Sep 2007, 22:58

Thank you guys :)
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Post by mpcarres14 » 28 Sep 2007, 00:59

I told you you'd make it... Congrats man!

God damn brewery!!!

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