Sprained Ankle Question

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I never heard you could sprain it inside, or it's rather uncommon to say the least.

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zazo wrote:
what do you mean by bump. as in swelling?

no,i meant that someone could answer at my problem.

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There are two different things, sprain and roll, if u can play 2 hours after u "sprained" your ankle, you actually just rolled it.

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LOL I sprained my ankle last month, like the First week of August. There was a pop and it was pretty swollen. Eventually it turned a shade of black, then purple and I even thought I saw a hint of green in the bruising.

Sprains don't heal in 2 hours, I couldn't even put pressure on my ankle for at least a week. I had to do a few things just to be 65% playing shape for my college walk-on that was in 3 weeks:

Ice 30 minutes of every hour around the clock
LOTS of Physical Therapy, I mean everyday for at least 2 hours (BTW Physical therapy hurts...ALOT)
Thera-bands became my new best friend (stregnthening and my degree of motion to each side)
If I didn't have anti-imflamatory medicine, I don't think I'd of been able to recover that quick.

As I said before, Ankle sprains are very serious and take alot of time to heal. My ankle feels good and I can run, and I can almost go full speed on sprints, but I can't "cut" or make quick turns very well right now and my shooting stregnth is almost none. I can instep pass and shoot, but anything with the outside or laces...no way. Lastly, after some workouts, my ankle will tend to swell...but it has happened less and less as time has passed.

BTW: I actually redshirted for the squad so I'm pretty excited to play Division 2 ball...this is just one example on how impossible is nothing.
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BHSoccer can you explain your physical therapy. I would rather not go see a doctor but I am in the process of rehab my ankle, I am interested in your method.

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thanks for all your replies guys but can you guys tell me what those strengthing exercises are and how to do them???

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