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Absorbs shock? Like when you jump and come back down, what muscle aborbs the impact?

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Muscles don't absorb shock, I believe that's your cartilage. I could be wrong, though...

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It involves both cartliage and muscle. If you had no muscle then the shock would me a lot more. The Muscles help absorb impact.


Theres a episode in this that explains how muscles work. It talks about the cartliage and how Free Runners are able to do such amazing things(Free Running aka Parkour). It talks about how much force the cartliage can take and what not. But don't just think that the cartliage takes all of it, you do need muscles to contract and left you spring up after you land.

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Well if you have no muscle you would be a heap on the floor. Also you cant absort shock to your knees. Everytime you bang them down hard your cartilage between the joints will grind. The best way to absort shock is by some shcok abasorbing trainers. Like the ones with the little coushiny thing in the heel.

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Yep, all tendons, muscles, bones etc. working in harmony!

Your muscles are arranged as such that they try to distribute impact evenly. Sometimes that can't happen, like when you break your arm or roll your ankle. Then, one area gets too much because you landed awkwardly.

Jumping up and down, I think you would first absorb the shock through your knees, and then even it out throughout your whole body. Most shock absorbing deals with your core muscles (abs), since they are the center of your body.

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