Is it possible to get match fit in a month?

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Icy wrote: Have you even tried doing intervals? I've compared the two ON MY OWN and if you haven't even tried intervals why are you even argueing? If you haven't even compared the two on your own you're just giving a stupid biased opinion. Not only that but you try to sound like a jerk and as though you know it all.

Try involving intervals for even a month and I guarentee you you'll see much more progression than doing just long distance. Not only that but you're pace for long distance will be much faster.
yes my friend i used to do intervals/agility drills when i first came to this website and was looking at the intervals section..i did that for a week. then i played a game...and next week my coach told me to start doing long distance and i played another soccer game and i really couldnt tell the difference..

ok from now on i will start doing intervals and i will tell yall if i improved my stamina after a week.

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A week? Try what Icy said and give it a month. That's much more realistic. Make sure to tell us what you're doing too.

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