Best way to start learning freestyle

Talk about soccer freestyle tricks and moves
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Where do you start when you want to learn freestyling? Do you learn how to juggle really good first then practise different moves over and over again till you get them down. What should you learn first?

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i'd say first learn to juggle, while practicing various pick-ups to start juggling. however, don't start too many tricks before you get good at juggling and can go easily for a minute or two no problem. don't be frustrated if you're not amazing at first. it takes time, so just juggle every day if you can, or on the weekends.
good luck

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I agree, when you've masterd the juggling you can start to improve your control by "catching" the ball out of the air with your foot or by just controlling the ball on your feet while standing still ...

I'm a very beginner in freestyle to and my first tricks (the only ones for now :roll: ) where neck-stall , "around the world" (or revolution, going with leg around the ball) and crossover (Definetly have missed some, but those others aren' weart to say :)) Neck-stall is very easy to learn, ATW is harder. As ATW is one of the most important tricks in freestyle !

At this moment im still practising on my ATW as it must be bether to go over some little combos. Good luck with it and have fun !



what is the crossover.i'm new to this,i can do any of ye find these tricks improve you during a a wannabe pro so i was wondering

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