Does freestyle matter

Talk about soccer freestyle tricks and moves
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D347H574R wrote:
Ronaldinho10 wrote:
HJK wrote:It can help your touch, etc. but Micheal Owen said he didnt practice keepy ups or tricks when he was younger , he said he would find anything that resembled a rectangle and he pretend that was his goal
Michael Owen also said not to practice too much on your weaker foot because it hampers the progress of your good foot - Michael Owen is a brilliant player and a model professional but I don't agree with either of what he said - firstly tricks improve control and first touch and if you can use both feet it is a huge advantage and also when practising if you move to your weaker foot it gives your good one a rest :D
I do agree with his rectangle goal idea - I think thats cool :D
If you want to be a good footballer you don't need freestyling, you need to be able to kick a ball well with both feet. A few years ago I used to be hopeless on my left foot but my coach said to me 'Don't worry about training right-footed, everytime you get the ball I want you to control it and lay it off with your left.'

I did that, for over a year, just at normal training sessions, nothing special, but now I can kick almost as well left-footed as I can with my right and it has really improved my game. I suggest some of you try it!
I have actually been practising with my left foot since I was 2 years old - My Dad told me he used to roll the ball to me and he used to make me kick it back with both feet - I still practise with both feet and can do freestyle tricks , shoot , cross and pass with both feet - At training in practice matches I sometimes take corners with both feet but haven't done this in a game yet - I also always practice free kicks and penalties with both feet aswell - My right foot is still my stronger foot but I am comfortable using my left aswell :D But everyone can always improve on everything so I will continue practising on both feet :D

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ronaldhino's right..never to late...though it needs left foot has become a reliable foot as of 3 months ago when i began drilling it...
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well it matters...what do u want to become...a pro freestyler or a soccer player...if you want to be a pro matter...if you want to be pro at doesnt really matter...but its only to show your frens...what else can u do with the ball out off the make yor reputation higher...if you want to be both...then it still matters////but every thing is for fun....if your can do a trick...don be angry...coz its just for fun...but practice matters
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having a ball on ur foot matters. remember that

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I take corners on both my right and left foot for my club team, all my team-mates suck, and I also take penalties on my left instead of my right (even in state matches).

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Hey friends freestyle matters a lot because it's a part of learning or adapting with your ball. :D.
When I was 8 years old and started playing football I was bad at it :roll: sometimes I think about the legends and great players like ronaldinho who started playing football by freestyling..........every player in this world start playing football by little bit of freestyling like by watching them I started freestyling everyday about 2hours,then go for running for 30min,and the most important in football is juggling because it increases dribbling skills and shooting........Now i'am 15 and can play very nice... my average score in every match is 3 goals I recommend to freestyle and especially juggling......... :D ...and sorry for my bad English..... :( ....... And if you think that free styling isn't good the watch videos of "skills twins" on YouTube......☺

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