How will freestyling look like in the future?

Talk about soccer freestyle tricks and moves
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Im not really sure because Maradona was a bit before my time but Im assuming Maradona did an ATW and people thought it was amazing, now C. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and lots more do it. So how do u think freestyling will be in the next 50 years? People doing ATW's as if it were juggling? Or perhaps ppl doing PATW's/TATW's as if it were juggling?

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Post be honest....50 years down the track...freestyling will be more known...but it wont have evolved to the extent that ppl can do tatws like juggling...

ppl will know waht freestyle is,....and ppl will be interest...but not everyone will be able to do atw or the like....but it will defeintely be bigger ;)
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this is a good question, but i think it'll be just sick variations. a bit more like breakdancing, like hand stands to like foot stalls. crazy flips and stalls. just more complex.

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... this is a pretty old topic. Check the date the last post was made, and don't post in topics that have been "dead" for ages. Just something to remember. :wink:

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who cares how old it is...i think it will be mostly lowers and like leiki or sean's style
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