lace flick ups, back heel juggle, + headstall

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does anyone have any instructions for the lace flick up? or the back heel juggle?

also how long does it generally take for you to get the headstall pretty well?
any tips?

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ok about the head stall its every where on this site. i got a post locked about cuz theres too many posts on it :oops: heres a good link that should help you.
just practise it. i though it was some spot where the ball had to be but its not. its the lack of practise. trust me. just put the ball on ur head and balance it as much as you can and just keep doing it. and stay relaxed and dont start dumbling eerywhere. be smooth and steady and gently. not too many big sudden moves. after a week or so ull get results no doubt.

about the lance flick, for some reason i dont use my laces i use my toes and i find it so much easier the the laces. just lean forward more and pretend ur tryin to flick the ball the normal way but behind ur back and then when it goes up just hit it down with ur foot. but when ur flicking it dont flick it to hard. be gentle but sharp.

about the back heel juggling, try it barefoot with a deflated ball. dont hit it so it goes to high. try to keep it bum hight. also make sure ur not doing it behind ur back but do it so you can constantly see where the ball is. like this kid: ... juggle.gif
and dont try to stay in one spot, u have to keep moving with backheel juggling.

well hope this helps and if you got any question feel free to ask cuz im sure other ppls can answer too. good luck :wink: :)
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here are my tips on headstall

headstall is one of me fav moves...

u should balance it where ur hairline is (where u hair starts)....tilt ur neck back so you are looking at the ceiling or there abouts...

i might be a worthwhile trying it on your knees first...this helps you to move your body according the where the ball is moving....

after this...stand up and try and u may find it easier

a key to headstall is your foot movement....ur feet should never be "planted" while headstall....u should be light on your feet, ready to move in any direction...

hope this helps...
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for a lace flick get good grip bettwen ure laces the ball and the ground try and get your leg parrelel to the ground adn push down and back words on the ball then quickly flick foward its hard to get but once u do its a relli nice move
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For the lace flick iv learnt its not all about grip which i thought it was, alls you need to do is roll the top of your foot back wards on the ball then try and flick it up as normal.

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thanks this helps a lot

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could someone explain to me how to perform the lace flick up???? i read a couple of tutorials 'bout it, but i can't seem to do it. and i think i'm doing it wrong. could someone explain in depth???
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Do you have any more advice for heel juggling? It seems like a lot of luck.

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