Balancing ball on head

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its hard at first.... but now its second nature for me to foostall then throw it up and headstall without it bouncin....its very easy for me and ppl love it in public ;)

they key is to "follow" the ball...get used to flicking it up at the right height and angle ;)
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australian freestyle crew "FDU"'s website..check it out...

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when i first learned the headstall i walked. I think its much easier if u walk, not just standing on 1 place and wait till it falls off. Try walking when learning headstall :D

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ooh. thanks. i've tried to walk...and seems easier because u can move is taking me forever...sigh...oh well...keep practicing

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I can head stall for 15secs, but I have to literally place the ball on my forehead. Any suggestions as to how I need to flick it up in the first place?

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gnarly jim all u gotta do is stall it on ur foot and flik it up to about to like just below ur forehead, heightwise, and just kinda bend under the ball and lift it up with ur forehead thatll be a good start and ps never flik it up higher than ur forehead cus thatll cause it to bounce on ur head although if ur good enuff then u can keep it on after it bounces but i cant do that at all latr

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dapjang wrote:
ive noticed that to stop it falling off your head you need to make quick precise movements in the opposite direction that the ball is rolling off of. eg. if the ball starts rolling to the right of your head you need to quickly roll your head to the left and the ball will follow rather then trying to follow the ball and run off to your right.
AusSkills I don't completely understand that. If the ball is falling off to the right and I move left, it only falls off faster. Could you explain this more? Anyone? (plz don't just say "PRACTICE!!!!")

Watch videos and it will help you understand it more. But he means roll your head to the opposite side of the ball to completely stop it from falling.
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is it best to start by puting the ball on the ridge of your nose or to start by going right to putting it on the hail line

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