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Lol :lol: Jus keep workin on doin some air trix after you do that flick up then make another vid...

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yes i agree with shenker keep it up
man do i wish i was as good as Ronaldinho

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he is a beginner.
dont say hes not a freestyler, or you born with a ball in your feets? maybe only touzani :lol:

i have 1 year and half freestyling and 2 years in the state soccer team, i said is good for start just keep watching videos and practicing. i start like that, all here start with weird moves and easy sh*ts, or not? :roll:

keep in touch my friend.
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woow this i dont think this should have been made into a vid.all the guy did was that flick up. it would be better if he atleast made a clip on how to do the flick up. that woud have somthing to it and ppls wouldnt get pissed. but i aint gonna critize the guy. at least he tried :roll:
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yep u repetead the same trick but I loved it ,
finally a new move that I see...

nice ;)
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