whats wrong with me right now?

Talk about soccer freestyle tricks and moves
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2 months ago i practiced freestyle and improved quite quickly. i started with simple tricks and than started doing combos. than i got back into regular training, games etc and stopped freestyling. now i've gotten back into it but am having alot of trouble with simple tricks. my atw's keep sticking to my foot, my htw's are too slow and my crossovers keep going 3 feet ahead of me. does anyone know why this is happening?

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Quite simply, you're just out of practice. Happens to any skill you leave for a while. However, you clearly haven't forgotten HOW. Just keep at it and eventually, your tricks will return to you. If you don't want to lose them again, work in some freestyle practice every now and then.

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Rome_Leader is right - after taking a break from freestyle, anyone is going to be a little rusty, just keep practicing.

[and if you dont want this to happen again, just make sure you do a little each day, ie do one or two atws, a crossover and a htw, it doesnt need to be heaps]

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That happens to me so frequently that i must practice 7 days a week or else i lose my touch.
That's the magic word... rusty.

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yeah me too.. anyways i play everyday, but after 1 or 2 days that you constantly try youll technique will be back, where as, if you where just learnig it would take you a week to learn.. You just gotta "remember" your technique and it will be back quickly trust me.
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anhkhoashevakt wrote:That happens to me so frequently that i must practice 7 days a week or else i lose my touch.
That's the magic word... rusty.
Yes it would be great if you can practice freestyle soccer all over the year but somewhere it isn't possible outside because weather is cold and there might be snow etc. It's true that if you practice many hours in week you will keep touch. But if you don't, touch is lost pretty quickly and it takes some time to learn moves once again. It so much better to train outisde in warm with shorts than in cold weather with sweat pants. It is sad that everywhere it isn't possible to train whole year in warm weather as I said and it takes off motivation because you don't have the same touch when you start freestyle soccer once again after few months.

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maybe you could practice in a basement or garage.

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That little space in your room could help with your practice on your tricks.

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