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I don;t get how everyone is so good at juggling. I'm 13 years old and my record is only 30. I keep on hearing people saying like "im 13 years old and my record is 438" or something like that. So if you have any tips on training please tell me.
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It's all practice. I was like you not long ago until I just decided to keep practice juggling until I got it. There's no trick to it but practice. Keep at it for a while and possibly track your progression to see if you're getting anywhere with it.
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Yeah I agree. It is all practice, around 5 months ago, my record was like 28, now its over 1000 , and im pretty good at juggling and okay at freestyling. A progression game you could play with juggling is trying to hit a certain numer 3 times in a row, i did this as well. For example try to hit 30 three times in a row, then try to hit 35 three times in a row and so on. I did that until I could reach 50 consistantly.

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I'm only just getting the hang of juggling now. i used to be only able to get 5 on average. then i just really thought about it, and then i got 45! then, to prove to myself it wasn't a fluke, i got 20 straight afterwards! just think about it nd practice. you will get better
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Don't worry, you'll get it. It's just a matter of time, keep practicing and keep your head up. I could not juggle no matter what i did, but after time went by i started getting 30, 40, 50, 100, now i can do 500 without even trying :P.

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hah ya im 12 my record is 1129... it took a lot of fu**ing work 5 months of it do good juggling so ya theres no secret
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Theres no secret like everyone else says its all practice go out and practice 1month ago i could only do 21 and now i can do 100+ its alll hard work good luck!

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it is all practice but however you need to learn how to practice it if that's what you mean..... snap your knee and your ankle.......i been practicing without a ball and kept doing this for 5mins each day when im somewhere like at the mall or something....... i just imagine the ball is there, then i tried at home i can do it with ease.......

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sigh, use the "SEARCH" feature next time to search for topics on juggling, there are seriously like 50 million topics on 'how to juggle' already.

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