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Talk about soccer freestyle tricks and moves
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Hi guys! I'm new of freestyle world and I must thank you for this forum. It helped me a lot to make me learn some nice tricks. :)

I'm a "strange" freestyler, because I can't do more than 30 juggles but I mastered 2 moves in few time (thank to your videos :) ), that are ATW and I don't know how the other one is called :lol:

My question is: what's the next move that must I master? I don't know what to choice. The TATW looks too hard for my level of preparation, and I don't know what move to try!
And also, the fact that I can't do more than 30 juggles is bad? I don't think it's a problem, but you pros may say me that it is :oops: :)

I wait for answers! Bye! :wink:

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Well I could only do 20 juggles avarge when I could do ATW, headstall and neckstall because I could't practice juggling with the ball I had.

But well the thing you should do is practice juggling try practicing atleast 15mins aday for a week and u should be getting around 80 avarge and then start doing some tricks. Then I think u should practice HTW from footstall and master ATW while juggling try get like 4 atw in a row and also do inside to outside atw combo before you try to do tricks lika TATW.

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practice juggling then MASTER ATW
Shut up and Freestyle

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