Can't crossover

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Toe Bounce
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Can't crossover

Post by Toe Bounce » 01 Jun 2005, 17:57

This is pretty's supposed to be one of the easiest moves to do, but...I can't do it.

I can toe-bounce and drop crossover....but isn't the normal crossover supposed to come first?

I really just can't do it. I swing one leg over and jump, but the ball winds up connecting with my ankle and just bounces away.

when I DO connect with my foot, the ball goes straight away from me instead of up.

help please...

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Post by *yung-ital* » 02 Jun 2005, 03:24

sucess dosent come over night....keep practicing and right when u think u cant do it, itll just click...whats a toe bounce?
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Post by Kevin » 02 Jun 2005, 14:19

You could compare a toe bounce wit a crossover without jumping. You keep one foot on the ground and you go with the opposite foot around the ball, then you hit it with your toe to go straigt up ...

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Post by pvtryan » 22 Mar 2007, 23:10

it is all in the preparation before the crossover. Try getting two to three perfect touches on the ball, when juggling, before you actually attempt the crossover.

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Post by gnarlyjim » 22 Mar 2007, 23:18

I'm pretty sure this person has either got enough help, or has just given up. Don't post stuff like this in dead topics! That's when the previous post has been made a long time before you post. Check the date under the previous posters avatar/username. I'm not going to bother saying this in all of the topics you've done this, so this applies to all dead topics.

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