Need a bit of help.

Talk about soccer freestyle tricks and moves
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Need a bit of help.

Post by Rubbertoe » 16 Jul 2007, 03:17

This is my first post, been snooping around but finally decided to join. You see I started freestyling a bit late, but I have been practicing for a while, and I cant seem to freestyle fluently. I feel to stiff, and not flexible and energetic enough to do combos or other various moves I cant get. I dont know if its my juggling style or just the fact that I will never be able to move as fluently as all other freestylers.

Here is a sample video.

Cunstructive criticism and tips will be appreciated.

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Post by gnarlyjim » 16 Jul 2007, 03:20

Maybe I'm imagining things, but it seems like you sort of lean back a bit when you juggle. Other than that, you seem decent. How long have you been freestyling?

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Post by alonso » 16 Jul 2007, 03:21

well... im not sure if being flexible is a major part of being a good freestlyer but im not flexible at all (i cant touch my toes :roll: )but that probablly why im not good at freestyling so all i can really say is keep practicing ATW untill you get use to the motion and same with other moves like TATW MATW HTW and so on

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Post by rzadzinski » 16 Jul 2007, 03:23

Yeah it's hard to tell. You only attempted like 2 atw's and then just did stuff on the ground, so it's tough to say.
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Post by Rubbertoe » 16 Jul 2007, 03:42

Well I have been freestyling for a year, but not really seriously. Like probably i would freestyle seriously for about a week, and then take a month off. And I didnt perform much moves in this video because I cant do much moves. I have been practicing crossovers and inside around the worlds on and off, but cant seem to perfect them to the point where they seem natural.

P.S- How much do you guys practice.

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Post by CFCiceland » 16 Jul 2007, 03:55

Well I only started freestyling 2 - 3 weeks ago :P and I have only spent probably around 2-3 hours juggling these weeks :P But I always have the ball at my feet when I'm around the house, you know what they say eat and sleep with the ball. I started this with the ball always at my feet like a month ago and I feel like I've improved alot at ground moves. I don't juggle much because not much outdoor space where I live and if I juggle indoor I might brake something :P But I always practice tricks like footstall, neckstall, headstall, atw, crossover and some flickups indoor also and then I do them without juggling you know.

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Post by smithxi » 17 Jul 2007, 23:20

obviously vitamins keep you flexable, but stretch.

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