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Post by kremlin »

defender didn't do much, don't he know anything about anticipation? he was just a mug,
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Post by Tierney »

cheating little b*stard
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Post by *yung-ital* »

good handles, sh*tty effort
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Post by soccerfreak_39 »

hey, k i'm not gunna lie to you, you have some nice moves, but when a defender doesnt do anything, anyone can do that, or at least players with some talent/skill
i play u-14 div 1 premier, and the super y league and i would school you, because i was trying, and because what your doing is easy to anticipate, even if you're a forward like me.
it needs some serious work, but there is potential i think
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Post by D347H574R »

it was the same move over and over again and the defender didn't learn?

what the hell is with all the guest's posting in this thread!?!
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Post by RAYES »

its ok....ermmmm....nutmegs....seen it...boring
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Post by Adizeta »

it was realy boring
short and had little moves

try to make the def try harder or act better
keep practicing and make a better video
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Post by angelos charisteas »

to be honest, that really wasnt much of a video. the clip was very short and u can tell those defenders were fake. sorry but it doesnt really require any talent.
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Post by pive valderrama »

idk why people r saying give him a break hes young that doesnt matter ....that video sucked the defender just stood there and when the ball passed through his legs he didnt even try to get it

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Post by Big_d_man »

u had some ok megs but u used the same move over and over and over again and the defense didnt even try!!!
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Post by Big_d_man »

the only good thing about this clip is that it gives me some hope
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ur style

Post by guest001 »

who are these people saying that your display is any good. if the defender did anything at all you would've been shown up good and proper. :evil: terrible, blind freddy could have defended better than your "friend" :twisted: get some better tricks then come back. Big_d_man has the right idea
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Post by cHaVa »

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Post by K_Ronaldo »

Your friend just stood there a real defender would actually tackle you!
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Post by lil italy »

umm yer well a blind sunday school teacher could have beaten you if they were playing ... yer um keep trying, maybe you will get betta

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