Adidas Predator Pulse

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I'm thinking about getting them, cause they look quiet comfortable and a friend of mine said that they're fitting like a second skin.
Does someone have experience with these shoes?
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i have a pair there very confortable ... maybe im just saying this because i had a pair of mitres which cost £15 and i could feel the studs while running but the preds r class, im thinking of getting murcurial henry boots

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i bought the silver ones w/the beckham logo mid june 04 and by the beginning of nov. they were totally trashed. unplayable. maybe i didn't treat them well or something, but cleats should last longer that that i would think. on the other hand, they are very comfortable and if you have the moolah to buy two pairs a year, more power to you. go for it.

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Im a nike guy myself, but a lot of people on my team and other teams had them and they really recomended them. They said it was very comfortable but the get worn out easily like i belive madridfanfc said. But as far as i know, they are good.

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