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I have a very narrow foot so I was thinking I should get a pair of Vapors (I had Copa's but they didn't really fit my style of play well and now they are too small for me) but I don't know which one of these I should get.

http://www.soccer.com/IWCatProductPage. ... _Id=213142


http://www.soccer.com/IWCatProductPage. ... _Id=263866

The first one is a lot cheaper and it is synthetic and the second one is Teijin microfiber and I have no idea what the hell that is but how much of a difference will it make because I don't have much money.

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were is no big difrence, i have these vapors,
http://www.soccer.com/IWCatProductPage. ... _Id=235139
ant they are to small to me i have vide foot, and i bouth them online never did't tried them on, so i used them only free times, if you want i can sell them to you for 90$ plus shipping. pm me ;)
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they're both Teijin microfiber. the one, and only difference is that the first one has gold in it and the second one has silver. there truely is no difference. the gold one just came out sooner.

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Same modle just difrent colors

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