Nike Total 90 swift review

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well since I have had this ball for a little while, I will give you a review on it.

This ball is very eye catching with every colorway.
I have mine in red and white and i have to say it is very
nice to look at, Sometimes when you curl the ball the lines
look amazing in the air.

I really love to play with this ball.
It has a really nice and soft touch to it.
When you really take hard shots with this ball
it will really fly. This ball is very nice to bend with also

I would have to say that this is a very durable ball.
I have had it for about 5 or so months and use it
almost everyday for 30 to 60 mins.
And there really isnt any damage to it at all.
there are some dirt marks and such but to real
damage. But right now some of the stitching (sp?)
is starting to show, but now that much.

Overall this is a really great ball to play with.
it has a nice appearance to it with a nice soft touch too.
The durability on this ball is also amazing for how much ive
used it. :lol:

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My friend has a Total 90 in blue. I think it's too light to practice with, but it's a great ball for juggling.
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I had the previous Total Aerow 90 and I thought it was a very good ball especially when it bounces on the ground and when you control it.

In case if you've tried the Total Aerow 90, I just want to know how it's compared to the new Total Swift 90.

I mean is it a huge difference or am I better off sticking with the old ones?


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well no i havent tried the Aerow 90.
but in your case i think i would go with the Aerow 90 then
the total 90 swift

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Yeah, I have a T90 Swift ball as well and I agree on all points with P.Nedved. I have played with it on cement (yes I know, i'm dumb) and it is showing little signs of wear. Of course, the ball itself is scratched in places and the material is starting to rip but very little if at all. I've been playing on cement for over 3 weeks around 8-10 hours a week. My T90 is a rare blue and red combination of colour (at least, I think it is rare).

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I think its the best ball ive ever played with i have five and there all in pretty ood shape for using the for a bit over a year

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T90 Swift? The $20 version, correct?

I bought one yesterday. It's base color is white, with black and a hint of red lining.

From numerous past experiences, I had promised myself to never buy another Nike ball again, unless it's the Aerow. But some little voice inside my head told me I should buy it, so I did. I haven't used it yet, but I don't think I will like playing with it. :?

If I don't return it for a different ball this afternoon, I will see if I truly like it tonight.
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i have one of those balls it's really sweet... I like it most of all because it's a soft ball.I try to juggle with it everyday, im actually thinking about investing in another one :P

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