adidas +F30 TRX OPINIONS NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey guys, im buying some new cleats and these are withn my price range and i kno addidas makes good shoes. But im worried about that strap thats over the laces and i never got cleats with a strap over them like that so i dont know how they feel. If any body has these or tryied them out, wat was your opinion? Do they kick good and are they light?

thx, i appricate it.

p.s., these are them

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i had the adidas f50+ with the covered laces and they are beautiful and nice, they give u a nice shot because the laces are covered. and now im buying the new adidas f50+ tunit because f50 is liek the only thins i will wear.

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i just went today to my friend's store, and he told me the Adidas Copa are real dope and not to expensive i saw them and i liked them but i will always go with Adidas +F30 but they cost?! and i recommend to buy +F30. Well in my opinion i go with my favorite.

Well there are more you just need to have a look

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