Mercurial Vapors and Total 90's

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I couldn't find the best place to put this, so i figured i'd just put it in a couple different, i've got a bunch of questions regarding cleats. if you could answer them for me that would be great. also, could you tell me if you're sure about the info or not? i just want to be sure. thanks a bunch
1. what are the 2005 mercurial vapors called?
2. where can i get them?
3. how much do they cost?
4. when do they come out?
5. i heard that m. vapors were bad for you, like for your knees or they didn't give you support or anything. is this true?
6. what are the 2005 total 90s called?
7. where can i get them?
8. how much do they cost?
9. when do they come out?


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A good thing you can do is search the shoes on internet and go to they have lots of stuff



well always checking eurosport when u get it is good and i have a friend with the old vapors who loves em :) but i dont know much about nike since i only got to see adidas's line of cleats for the fall of 2005 and spring but not for nike, MORE F50's IN THE FALL!!! YAY

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