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I'm trying to decide on whether I should get the Nike Mercurial Vapor IIIs or the Predator Absolute TRXs.

What I'm looking for is good ball control but I still want them to be somewhat light.

I play as a defender and I've been using the Talaria 3s and I don't like them that much.. I hate the touch that they have and they're pretty skinny.

So, which ones should I get?

If you have other suggestions please tell

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i also play defense and i would go with the absolutes because vapors are usually more for strikers and the absolutes are stronger.

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I also just got the TRX's and they're quite nice, I'm a striker and they feel great after breaking them (like 30-50 mins of play) they have a great strike to them so I'd recommend them to anyone, I couldn't even gfit in the Vapors so they weren't an option...

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the absolutes are better for deffenders cuss they got more cushening and are more comfortable but they arent that light expecialy in rain

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hey i thikn dat u shud get da adidas trx absolute becuz der mor ur a defender its better for u to shoot ,,,,but it is quite heavy though....u wnt lik da mercurial vapours bcuz....d upper is very thin...i hav it n m a its gud for me,,,but ur a defender n if u get stepped on dese it hurts really my choice get da absolutes cuz der mor comfortable n it givs u a solid strike of da ball wen u clear ot off!! hope dis helped :wink:

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