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Does anyone know anything about these cleats. The puma 1.06

http://www.soccer.com/IWCatProductPage. ... showcase=t

Any feedback would be really helpful. Thanks

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Well I've only ever worn addidas and nike cleats so I don't know about those cleats but they look pretty ugly imo.

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They are lightweight, but your feet need to be quite narrow to fit in them. The material rips easily, and if someone steps on your foot, bye bye metatarsal bones!

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I bought a pair in May, but they were backordered until mid-June, so I just got them yesterday because I wasn't here to get them. I expected them to feel like the Cellerators, which were very, very comfortable for me. When I slipped them on, I thought to myself 'ugh, why did I spend my money for these?' But when I took them out and played with them, it took maybe five minutes to break them in with no blisters like I got with the vapors. They give a great power shot, and have good touch with great traction. My only complaint with them is that they get dirty quickly, as when I pulled out my shoes from the box, they were shiny white, crisp looking, and overall looked fantastic, but now they are a bit green from the grass. I wish I had bought them a month later so that I could by the camoflauge shoes...oh well. In short, if you want a lightweight shoe, Puma is the way to go (although at $300+, I would expect the new Lotto's to be very nice)

Also, where did you hear that your feet need to be narrow for them. Mine aren't wide, but certainly not narrow, but they fit great after a day. Vapors are super narrow though, and are overall lesser quality than the Pumas.
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i own v1.06 i fgs in the dead grass edition and i love them especially with the lacing on the side unlike the vapors it give you a better shot i think

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