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What is your personal prefference for boot colour? I've had the red and white Vapor II's and black and white Total 90's. All black boots imo are kind of old fashioned, and like with the World Cup today there are very few players who keep it oldschool black. I'm gonna get new boots for the new season and have already decided on Nike Air Legends, but I'm stile pondering about the colour, picking between the White/Red ones, or the Silver/Black ones.. since i've had white ones before I'm opting for the silver but can't figure it out, tell me which ones you would get :) and what colour shoes you have and which ones ;)

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I love wearing blue/white favs

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white boots are the best, in my opinion, because the last time i wore black ones, it was summer and my feet burned up. and when i touched them to take them off, i couldve sworn i got 3rd degree burns from them (exaggeration, of course :roll: ). From then on, i swore, no more black shoes. thats my life story.
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i like white boots too.

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I like something with white in it>>> my gold and white boots now are good.
i like boots that are not the same as any 1 elses in the team thoguh and stand out. :wink:

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