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This is Anfield
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I'm a full back and shopping for new boots. I've been using Lotto Ventos which were excellent. I especially liked the soft heel support. Can you recommend some boots for me to get? something comfortable and light but a boot I won't get my toes drenched in and not slip either.
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if you are going for something comfortable i suggest total 90. they are really comfortable but are not the lightest of shoes. If you want a bit of both worlds i suggest using pumas. I think that they dont weigh nearly as much as the total 90 but they are pretty comfrotable.

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adidas f50+! excellent boot, lightweight, extremely comfy and are good for oofing it down the line :D
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Hello ThisIsAnfield,

Firstly, thank you for this post. I am assuming that overall speed is your priority. Personally, I prefer the nike mercurial vapor as it gives the edge in running and ball control.

But if you are interested in the Puma range. Then, you could give a try on Puma evoSpeed 1. You can learn more about this cleat here ... 51154.aspx

Hope this is beneficial for you in search for a new pair of cleats :D

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A light boot, eh? Yeah, a Mercurial series wouldn't be a bad idea, esp. an earlier one since they're just as good and have probably gone down in price. When I used to play wingback (since moved to CM), I preferred the stability and power of my Adidas Predators, but if you want speed, either a Mercurial pair or f50s are a good choice.

I'm not fond of Total 90's, as I see the Predators as a superior boot, and the one pair of T90's I did have came apart pretty quick. Might've just been me, though. :p

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