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What are the best shoes??? I got Ronaldo's Blue Nike Mercurial Vapor II Soccer Cleats.

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i guess it depends on your position to some degree. if you're a forward, the vapors really do help, being so light. the total 90's, however, give a really good strike, and they are excellent for free kicks. then there's the predator pulses, which have some of the best ball feel i've ever had. so, again, it depends on what you're looking from a shoe

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I tend to try and find Gola shoes... Alot of people don´t compare them to Adidas, or Nike. But I found a pair reduced by 60% so I decided to try them out, and they really are the best boots I have ever played in. Really light, easy to run in, comfortable, flexible and good for just about anything you do. Aswell as that, the outside is thin, yet strong.

If you can find some cheap ones(reduced), which I don't think they will be expensive in the first place, try them out :)

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cfrealmadrid made a real good point. It all depeds on the position. I find that nike mercurial vapors arent good for playing midfield, depending on the type of midfielder you are. as you see roberto carlos play you notice he runs a lot, thats why he wears total 90's as does figo and i belive he doesnt anymore, but totti as well. They all do a lot of running. Edgar Davids used to wear them, but i think he wears mercurial vapors now. that doesnt make much sense to me. If you're a foward, then definetly buy vapors. there a great investment.

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