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Hello, I'm a full back in need of new boots

My game is all about touch/control, and speed

I like to make tireless over lapping runs, dribble through opponents and take powerful shots from distance, from fullback.

I was thinking of boots between these lines

Nike Mercurial Vapor VI
adidas F50 adiZero
Nike CTR360 Maestri

Please tell me which I should choose, and why.


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I know it's Cliche' and all, but the boots arn't going to make a difference on how you play. Get something you like the look of, and that feels comfortable,

But to answer your question, I suggest Adizero's in Leather, as they are light and support your style of play, and the leather version will support a good touch.

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I wear the synthetic F50 Adizero's and I love them, so light and comfortable. I want to get a leather pair though, so see the difference between the two.

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Go leather. The feel for the ball is unmatched in the synthetic division. If you have been using synthetic for a while, you can go down that route. It's a lot harder to go the other way.

You can't go wrong with any of those boots but I would advise against Preds as haven't seen fullbacks with those.

You have to be a more specific. What kind of budget do you have? Branding? You must have already got a favourite. Read reviews about them, go try them in the shop. If these are the boots you getting and not their cheaper siblings, there isn't much to separate them. Minor differences can swing it but if you have a favourite, you can overlook the bad difference.


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