just bought nike mercurial vapors.

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hi i just bought those nike mercurial vapors ( the red and silver ones) their the fake plastic ones with no shoelace cover. for $165

havent tried em yet but, are they good, what are they good for

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Their suppose to be really light and comfortable. I haven't tried the new mecurials to be honest but if their anything as good as the last ones they are brilliant. Easily the best football boot range in my opinion.

The only downside to them is if you don't use perfect technique for the instep drive it can be painful as the shoe is quite thin in some places, but then again you should be striving for perfect technique so this should not be a problem. IF however you don't have perfect technique and cannot seem to figure it out, i reccomend heading over the the shooting section in the lockerroom as there are many brilliant guides in there from NBP in particular and some from me and others.

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